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The PeaceCAD vases are a satirical response to DEFCAD / Defense Distributed petitions to release 3D printable and other CAD models of firearms to the public. Lately the idea of 3D printed guns has sparked major controversy in the media. Opponents say that these untraceable guns will cause more havoc in our neighborhoods while proponents believe the distribution of these guns fall under the category of free speech. Out of the many unintended consequences that could have occurred , one that its authors could not have imagine is that it would end up holding flowers. Inspired by Bernie Boston’s photo, flower power, components of 3D printed guns are kit-bashed to form a vase. The larger vase is created out of pieces of the VZ. 58 while the smaller vase is created out of the notorious liberator gun. In the center of each vase is a single bullet that the gun would be able to fire. The vase creates its own beautifully conflicted narrative, an object of violence manifested in a fashion to hold an object of piece. Under the same pretenses of DEFCAD both vases have been made available to download for free and has been shared on social media under the hashtag #PeaceCAD. I encourage the public to use their right of free speech to do whatever they desire with the object.

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