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The ALTER is for the person who desires a balance of style and comfort. The person who wants the comfort of watching their television with their favorite snack or beverage nearby. The person who wants someplace to rest a cup of coffee while they read a book or newspaper. The ALTER improves the comfort of everyday life by giving us a convenient place to rest items while enjoying the various forms of entertainment that we love. 

The ALTER is about transformation. It calls upon the trend of upcycling, or creative reuse, in order to transform waste into a new product. An obtuse television cardboard box is transformed into something sleek, sturdy and unique. The idea of creating a piece of furniture to be used while watching a Samsung television further reinforces the connection between the cardboard used to make ALTER, and the television that it once held. The ALTER’s design is angular, mirroring the cardboard box that it's made from, but softened through the sleek slenderness of the design. The cardboard box is further transformed from a rectangle, into a series of triangular shapes which add to the ALTER’s ability to bear weight. The design uses folding and cardboard joinery techniques to transform a four sided piece of cardboard into a multifaceted piece of furniture using only four simple steps.

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