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Architectural Burlesque

To many, architecture is often seen solely as objects  in which people inhabit however this could not be farther from the truth. Buildings are living machines which have a harmonious relationship with its site and have the ability to alter the site both physically and socially. This is often hidden from the public because they are only shown one snippet of the building’s life cycle which is the finished product.  Within  the building’s life cycle  from it’s first sketch to it’s demolition they are these beautiful moments that occur which are only presented to the select few that participate. What this thesis attempts to create is a “spectacle” of architecture in which each actor, the public, the designers, and the contractors    through a highly choreographed performance create and demolish this temporary exhibition center. This  exhibition center initial structure is shipped to the Port of Long  Beach, CA. The life span of this building is 10 years and those 10 years are broken up into 4 Acts; Act 1 is dedicated to its foundation and mechanisms , Act 2 is where the pieces start assembling and begins the hacking into the infrastructure of LA , Act 3 is the completion of  its exterior façade,  finally Act 4 is the demolition of the project leaving absolutely no trace its existence. Each phase corresponds to a  specific style of art that gets to be displayed inside the center

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